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These are some trade routes that the Indus civilization took. They took these routes to trade with other places to get more matierals or items they didn't already have. Minerals came from Iran and Afghanistan. Lead and copper came from India and jade came from China. Cedar tree wood was floated down the rivers from Kashmir and the Himalayas. The strong trade links with distant cities for goods such as mining resources were all made possible by their ability to travel by wooden boat. To conclude, the Indus River became essential to the civilisation’s lifestyle, through reliance on plant and animal sustenance, household use, economy and transport. Various researches suggest that agriculture and allied activities were the main occupation and trade in Indus Valley Civilization.Like other civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia Indus valley civilisation also grew on the floodplains of Indus River.Many of the towns were also built upon the shores of this river. These are only a couple of the things that the Ancient Indians had. The Indus River Valley Civilization was a very advanced and successful civilization that had elaborate houses, diverse food, trade, beautiful clothing, transportation, and different types of entertainment. It laid.

The Indus River Valley Civilization, also known as Harappan civilization, developed the first accurate system of standardized weights and measures, some as accurate as to 1.6 mm. Harappans created sculpture, seals, pottery, and jewelry from materials, such as terracotta, metal, and stone. The first permanent settlements are found closer to the flood plains of the great Indus River system. The people of the Indus valley began trading on a wide scale at an early age. In the first known seafaring voyages, which may have taken place as early as 3500 B.C., Mesopotamians traveled across the Persian Gulf between Persia and India. The Indus Valley civilization may have been the first in world history to use wheeled transport. These were bullock carts identical to those seen throughout India and Pakistan today. Most of the boats were probably river craft, small, flat-bottomed boats perhaps with a.

Indus River Civilization. The Indus River Valley Civilization was a civilization that started about 2500 BC along the South-western part of the Indus River. Its biggest city was Mohenjo-Daro, in present day Pakistan, but had cities and settlements all along the river. The main form of transportation were bullock carts and boats. Traders traveled in carts or by boat. Indus valley boats were long and narrow. They had a cabin in the middle and were rowed. People did not travel much at all. They would usually walk everywhere they needed to go. An Indus river boat, shown on a seal. You can see its raised ends, a. The first long-distance trade occurred between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley in Pakistan around 3000 BC, historians believe. Long-distance trade in these early times was limited almost. Jun 20, 2019 · Indus Valley Civilization PDF short note covers important points viz. Geographical extent, town planning, religion, trade, art and script of Harappan people. Explore the splendor of the Indus Valley civilization. Use one of the services below to sign in to PBS: You've just tried to add this video to My List.But first, we need you to sign in to PBS.

Blog. 13 December 2019. Impeachment lesson plan: Up close to the impeachment; 3 December 2019. The 2019 Prezi Awards are here: Show us what you’ve got! Indus River valley was rich with silt and flooded regularly allowing irrigation and widespread agriculture. Indus River valley political. The Silk Road was a major trade route Based on agricultural society of wheat, millet, rice, grapes, peaches. Huang he River valley technology.

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